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Why Forex is popular?

We decided to address to known on “that” party of this business to people, professionals of the business. Participation in many “secret” events and secrets undoubtedly does their opinion valuable to those people who are engaged, or plan to be engaged in Forex.
Here that they consider:
Evgeny Sokolinsky, director of DTs of Akmos Trade:
- Popularity of Forex – at us, is explained, in my opinion, by a combination of several reasons. One of them, in the absence of regulating rules from the state is available many offers on different tastes – from $1 to how many you want. Further, in the presence of the Internet at many, including free (free) at work, but at many as well houses, simple opportunity to use the offer to stay “stockbroker” is created, and it already also is prestigious, and on the job and at home, and practically for nothing as at person (as a rule) at first to be got the Internet, and then it joins Forex.
At Forex it is simpler than the rule, than at game in “fool” and will learn to press the buttons by these rules it is possible in a day, thus during the work on the Internet you are completely depersonalized. Knowing 10 words in any Forum you can act with the reasons, say lies and be realized and lead wonderful life of successful and indulgent “businessman” as much as necessary. All this покармливает Forex “soil” – good fellows, poor, but rich with the spirit, working on different rich демосчетах, forcing “kryaknuty” TS and filling numerous forums. Since. successful work on Forex on a demo (sometimes with fantastic results) isn’t more difficult, than a shooter game in Doom – е, at any having some means or having opportunity to catch some means, there is a natural desire to realize that that it turns out in a demo (“let though is 10 times less”) in real and I think that to resist to it for the person who didn’t work at real (but has such opportunity) after successful work on a demo it is almost impossible.

Eric Nyman, the author of books for traders:
- Popularity is explained by the high potential profitability, convenient operating time (in comparison with the American actions in which it is necessary to trade late), visible simplicity of earnings (in actions it is necessary to estimate fundamental corporate news to trace recommendations of leading analysts, etc.), good liquidity throughout all time of day (especially in comparison with commodity futures). It, I think, the main reasons. Though it is possible to note as well Forex raskruchennost on the former Soviet Union (I personally see the beginning of mass arrival on this market at least since 1995, on an action the people stretched much later).
Vyacheslav Taran, director of the company of ForexClub:
- Sources of popularity of Forex lie in immemorial Russian dream of a freebie that to do nothing both on pike command and on a sluggish hotenye suddenly to receive a sack with dollars. For the public serious and a little burdened by the higher education in Russia there are fine and luxurious casinos, for lumpens and everyone casual люда – slot machines. And where to move to the happy owner of the diploma of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION? Where to it to apply the most powerful mathematical apparatus and numerous knowledge? In a casino it is scared, to lumpens it seems silly. And ambitions hold apart and the drizzle curls – I will earn by the mind, I won’t be as these stupid thieves and bandits. Again surroundings at Forex pseudo-scientific with signs of noble work. And the person goes on Forex

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