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Психология торговли на FOREX

Ключ к успешной торговле на рынке FOREX лежит прежде всего в области психологии. Если вы не контролируете свои эмоции, если у вас кружится голова от успехов, а потери вас просто убивают, то вам лучше заняться чем-то другим. Потому что потери тут неизбежны, а успехи очень легко перечеркнуть сделками совершенными не по расчету, а в порыве […]

Why people like Forex?

From my point of view the initial reason this quite loyal relation from our state. Further now many have an Internet, at some and free (at work) but at many certainly at home. And many yet without knowing that this such, but already want to try to become traders thus, without doing special harm to […]

FOREX – world of financial wellbeing!

Today the International securities market opens to you big prospects for receiving worthy earnings. The securities market represents a basis of leaders of economy. The financial markets in big degree regulate all volume of financial streams in the world market. Since products from metal and finishing products from oil and quite probably toilet paper. Conducting […]