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FOREX – world of financial wellbeing!

Today the International securities market opens to you big prospects for receiving worthy earnings. The securities market represents a basis of leaders of economy. The financial markets in big degree regulate all volume of financial streams in the world market. Since products from metal and finishing products from oil and quite probably toilet paper. Conducting […]

Indecision and paralysis of the trader

Indecision of the trader is born in situations when methods clash among themselves, and he experiences difficulties with a choice. It is rather easy to resolve these problems. There can come a situation when with methods everything is clear, but the trader for what-to reason doesn’t act according to them. This situation much more difficult, […]

Why exchange rates move

On what level of an exchange rate (a little theory) depends Export and import The prices and costs of production within the country in comparison with foreign are higher, the import in comparison with export more increases. Therefore the high national price level and low price level beyond its limits usually means the high prices […]